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Venezuelan Conclusions
August 2, 2008, 9:21 am
Filed under: Venezuela
So that’s it.  I’m in Brasil. 
We managed to survive Venezuela with our kidneys, eyeballs, and checking accounts intacts.
So here’s my final thoughts on this country:
1. It’s really expensive. Like Europe expensive.  Only you don’t get French people spitting in your general direction quite as much.
2. The cities are rough.  While the clear favorite national sport is Drunk Driving, a close second is Pistol Whipping.
3. The people are really cool.  Everywhere we went people were stopping to chat and help us out.  Although some would yell “I’ll kill you” or “Go home Gringo!”  the majority only yelled nice things.
4. The wilderness is amazing, and Angel Falls is phenomenal.  Way more fun than getting pistol whipped in the cities.
5. Miss Universe is a scam.  There must be some secret goddess breeding lab in the Venezuelan forests, because the normal folk don’t look like these pageant-winning stunners.
All in all, although it was difficult a lot of the time, we still met a lot of cool people, saw some really cool things, and had a lot of rum-fueled fun.
However, I’ll looking forward to not being de-eyeballed in Brasil.

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I almost agree with everything: expensive, true – Drunk Driving and Pistol Whipping, true and I kind of like it – Cool people, true – Angel Falls, true – Miss Universe, this is an universal true, you can also find that the American girls participating in this type of events are not the average girl you see in the States, not even in California. And I must also say that this comment counts also for guys. That was I think made you sad in your pants during your experience in Venezuela….your bad! Love you Jeffito

Comment by Lulu

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