The Astounding Travel Adventures of a Miraculous Fellow


It is official.  I am a member of the “World Wide Web.”  As far as I understand it, this “World Wide Web” is created through a delightful blend of the darkest of magic, wondrous enchantment, and ground up pixies.  It is then fermented in the fourteenth level of Hades, and transmitted to the public using state of the art “radio waves.”

While I cannot fully comprehend this “World Wide Web,” I nonetheless decided to join it, and publish some of the stories from my travels around the World Wide World.

As of July 1st, 2008, I am off once again on peripatetic voyage to Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and Peru.  You can access my new tales of sensational excitement from the “Most Recent Posts by Yours Truly” link on the left, or under the “Venezuela” “Brazil” “Argentina” or “Peru” links, when I have actually made it to said countries.

My old tales of joy and wonderment from The Salvador, Panama, Colombia, and beyond can be found on the link to the left under “Oh the Places You’ll See if by “You” You’re Referring to Me.“.

So sit back, relax, and please, feel free to forward this link onto anyone you know who enjoys tales of unbridled, alcohol-fueled bacchanalia and reverie…especially if that person has the ability to publish this and turn it into cold hard currency.



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v loves you.

Comment by Vanessa

Jeff, be safe out there. And remember, if you get lonely, just shampoo yourself.

Comment by Lindsey

White Prophet reigns supreme!!!

Comment by Shady Brady

You have inspired me to jump on the bandwagon and write my own crazy tales in China…coming soon to a website near you, maybe 😉

Comment by Jessica

Dude, have fun! …and thanks for all the great stories!

Comment by Marcus Nilsson

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