The Astounding Travel Adventures of a Miraculous Fellow

Hasta luego!
June 30, 2008, 2:52 pm
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Off I go again, on another travel adventure.  As of July 1st, I will be hopping on a plane and heading out to Caracas, Venezuela, which frightens me to no end.

My Venezuelan friends have given us ample warning about all things dangerous in Caracas:

1. Don’t take taxis from the airport.

2. Don’t talk to strangers.

3. Don’t trust anyone in, or not in, uniform.

4. Don’t go downtown alone, unless you’re itching to get robbed and shot.

5. Don’t trust any really hot women who offer you a drink, because they are planning on drugging you and stealing your eyeballs.

So, with all of these warnings, I envision stepping off the plane, trying to remember all the rules, and then shitting my pants.  

Alas, I will begin my four month journey with trepidation on my mind, nervousness in my body, and probably poop in my pants.  But, once we get settled in, I’m sure this will be another wondrous journey.

Thus, my friends, keep checking in on throughout the summer for updated stories of mischief and about me getting robbed and my eyeballs and spleen being stolen.

Have a tremendous summer!  Hasta luego!


June 19, 2008, 2:39 am
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It is official.  I am a member of the “World Wide Web.”  As far as I understand it, this “World Wide Web” that everyone speaks of, is created through a delightful blend of the darkest of magic, wondrous enchantment, and ground up pixies.  It is then fermented in the fourteenth level of Heck, and transmitted to the public using state of the art “radio waves.”

While I cannot fully comprehend this “World Wide Web” that everyone speaks of, I nonetheless decided to join it, and publish some of the stories from my travels around the “World Wide World.”  So sit back, relax, and please, feel free to forward this link onto anyone you know who enjoys tales of unbridled, alcohol-fueled bacchanalia and reverie…especially if that person has the ability to publish this and turn it into cold hard currency.